Dear Parents & Students

The junior year of high school is one of the busiest years yet. In addition to focusing on maintaining high grades in challenging courses and staying committed to sports and other extracurricular activities, the junior year also offers the pleasures of Driver’s Education and the SATs.

There is plenty of debate as to whether or not the SAT exam ought to be this important, but one thing is certain: As of now, the SAT is very important in the college admissions process! It is also one of the parts of the admissions process where a little effort can dramatically improve your application. Luckily, most of the hubbub out there about the difficulty of this exam is uninformed; the SAT is different from exams in high school in many important ways, but, like all exams, you can prepare for it.

I want to keep you above all of the hubbub and ahead of the curve. Finding your way to this site is the first step. Continue on to learn about how the SAT exam is so different, what the ACT exam is, and how to go about preparing for the most important exam yet. Don’t forget to contact me to discuss your specific needs or to register for my classes.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you on making this important step in the college application process as successful, painless, and even fun as possible!

Jake Berman

Jake SAT Prep