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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of taking the SAT? Read this first!

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What makes Jake’s classes exceptional?

Jake has spent the past thirteen years developing a unique and proven process for helping students to achieve their optimal scores. He has the most current knowledge of the exam, and he adapts his program to match even the most minor changes in the exam.

Jake also has unparalleled passion for educating his students, offering them unique techniques for excelling on the SAT. The small class size guarantees levels of expert individual attention impossible to find in other classes.

Is it bad to take the SAT more than 3 times?

There are all sorts of rumors that “if a student takes the SAT more than three times, then [insert terrible consequence here].” I have never found anything to substantiate any of these fear based myths.

That being said, there is rarely a situation when it would make sense for a student to take the SAT for a 4th time. Most students who prepare diligently should take the SAT 2 or 3 times:

First SAT: view this one as a warmup but still try your best
Second SAT:  here we go, let’s make it a good one!
Third SAT: just one last try for some more points

Should I try both the SAT and ACT?
Absolutely! The ACT and SAT (which are both accepted at all schools) test very similar skill sets in slightly different ways: the SAT is a trickier exam and while the ACT is a bit more straightforward, it is almost much more time intensive than the SAT.
Many students perform significantly better on one of the two exams, but it’s hard to know which exam is going to be your ultimate ticket to college. Even taking a diagnostic test of each exam is not conclusive as it’s hard to know which exam you have more potential with given the proper instruction.
Because the exams are similar, preparing for one of them helps build skill sets which are directly relevant to the other. Even when a student believes he may be better suited for the ACT, it can be very beneficial to begin with SAT prep. Much in the same way athletes go through extremely challenging conditioning exercises in practice so that game day feels comparatively easy, preparing for the “trickier” SAT first is a powerful way of building the requisite reasoning skills before transitioning to the ACT.
Regardless of whether or not a student learns from me or from someone else, or takes both my SAT and ACT programs or just one, I would always (barring any extenuating circumstance) recommend that a student at least try both exams.
How often do your SAT/ACT prep classes meet?

ACT and SAT classes meet for 2 hours each week.

Attending each class is crucial. When developing new skills, whether they are sports, musical, or SAT skills, consistency is vital. Additionally, specific lessons are taught each week, all of which are key to test day success.

Is your SAT/ACT Class Schedule Flexible?

There are afternoon and evening class offerings for the ACT and SAT prep classes. All the classes operate on the same syllabus, so that if a student has a conflict one week, it may be possible for the student to attend a different class that week in a seamless fashion. For a student to attend an alternate class, at least one week notice is required. Each student is able to request a class switch twice in order to maintain small and balanced classes.

Is Jake available for extra help outside of class?

While all students are encouraged to participate throughout class time, often students have questions that are particular to them. Jake is available to give students personal attention before class, after class, or via email during the week. Additionally, parents are encouraged to communicate freely with him throughout the program.

Where is class?

Classes take place at the 3 locations below:

Congregation Beth Tikvah
3710 Woodbine Avenue
Wantagh, NY 11793


The Rockville Centre Recreation Center
111 North Oceanside Road
Rockville Centre, NY 11570


Maria Regina Church
3945 Jerusalem Avenue
Seaford, NY 11783

What Do We Do in Class?