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No matter which instructor you work with, all students at Jake SAT Prep experience the same rigorous, innovative, and current preparation for the SAT and ACT exams. Jake and Kelvin have different personal styles, but their approaches, philosophies, and course materials are identical.


Kelvin came to Jake SAT Prep with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and with recommendations from many satisfied former students. But he has also received detailed training in the Jake SAT Prep methods and materials. Though their classroom dynamics reflect their different personalities, both instructors share a common curriculum, and a common vision for how to best help their students prepare for these stressful exams.


jake-headshotJake has been preparing students on Long Island for the ACT and SAT for over 15 years. He has taken these standardized tests over 80 times, tracking patterns and developments in the questions for his own customized preparation materials.

His students benefit from the fact that Jake teaches not only techniques for specific kinds of questions, but also the deeper principles that underlie them. These skills are relevant no matter what curveballs the College Board throws our way.

As a result, when the SAT changed dramatically to emphasize grammar and new math concepts in 2005, he adapted his materials and approaches seamlessly. Now that they have just revised the SAT again in 2016 to focus on evidence-based reading and introduce Common Core math, Jake is bringing his expertise on not just what the College Board tests, but how and why, to this new iteration of the exam.

While many other test prep instructors are teachers in their day jobs, Jake has dedicated his entire professional life to preparing students for these exams. His holistic approach to student preparedness involves training for not just difficult exam questions, but the many anxieties and stresses of test day.

Quick Facts about Jake

  • Most frequent SAT score 1600
  • Most frequent ACT score: 36
  • Holds a BA in psychology from Tufts University: Go Jumbos!
  • This is his favorite web comic
  • A former competitive runner, Jake’s PR for the 800m is 1:58


Kelvin joined Jake SAT Prep after having tutored students for the SAT and ACT exams for nearly a decade.

He was attracted to Jake SAT Prep because he shares Jake’s belief in a holistic training: His goal is not just to arm his students with multiple skills to tackle each problem, but also to help them cultivate the intellectual creativity and positive attitude that will allow them to succeed on test day. Kelvin has seen firsthand the shortcomings of the canned materials and impersonality of the large test prep companies. His own pedagogy, on the other hand, aligns perfectly with the focus on innovation and student-centered education that is at the heart of Jake SAT Prep.

Kelvin is also a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, where he was an Assault Amphibious Vehicles Platoon Commander and Battalion Operations Officer’s Assistant. In fact, he learned to drive these 26-ton “floating tanks” before he learned to drive a car. His experiences beyond test prep allow Kelvin to offer his students unique insights into the kinds of habits and preparation required to perform well under pressure.

His biggest test-related regret is that he didn’t have Jake SAT Prep back when he took the exam in high school. The 1560 he scored without any help would have been even higher if he had known then what he and Jake teach their students now.

Kelvin now knows how to drive a car. You can find his parked right in the center of his parking spot.