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More than I could ever expect…

“Jake SAT Prep gave me more than I could ever expect from an SAT prep course.  It gave me all the confidence I needed to feel successful when I walked into the testing room.  It prepared me for exactly what was on the test – most of the vocab words on the two SATs I took were on Jake’s Best SAT Words list and most of the math concepts we went over were also on the tests.  Jake’s writing skill lessons developed my passion for writing and editing and led to an 800 on the writing section of my last SAT.  The reading lessons not only helped me do well on the SAT, but carried over to the ACT, AP English exam, and NYS English Regents exam.  Jake’s clear, comfortable, efficient, and friendly teaching style allowed me to enjoy coming to class and doing the homework every week.  The class also helped with my 200 point increase form the PSAT to the SAT.  I’m glad I took this class and I would recommend it to anyone.”

- Gabe D. (student) East Meadow, NY

Dear Jake,

I am writing this letter to thank you for all of your hard work and superlative teaching skills in helping my son prepare for his SATs. I chose your class based on a friend’s recommendation, small class size and reasonable price and was 100% satisfied with that decision. Your class helped my son improve from a 188(0) on the PSAT to a 2180 on his SAT. He went into the test feeling confident because of the test taking strategies you provided. My son enjoyed going to your class, and I appreciated the communication that you provided ongoing to keep me informed on the material being covered. When he was unable to attend one session of the class in which he was enrolled you provided him with an alternate time to come. It is for all these reasons that I would highly recommend your class to anyone interested in reaching their potential in the SAT.


Linda O.

- Linda O. (parent) Plainview, NY

My daughter took Jake’s SAT class the summer before her senior year.  She had already taken the SAT twice and had respectable scores, but they were on the low side for many of the schools she was aiming for.  We’d done some private tutoring the year before–and bought half a dozen SAT / ACT prep books–but had never done an SAT class.  A neighbor recommended Jake, citing a nearly 300 point increase for her son.  We signed my daughter up. Jake’s class kept her on top of her game during the summer months.  Yes, she dedicated herself to the process and did all of the assignments, but it was also the strategies Jake taught and his focus on vocabulary which made all the difference.  Her SAT score went up 200 points, a jump beyond our wildest imagination. We were thrilled.  I only wish we had ‘discovered’ Jake a year earlier.
– Cindy D. (parent) West Gilgo Beach, NY

Jake Berman’s program is outstanding.

He is a master teacher who motivates and guides his students through the testing process. It is amazing to see how much my son improved in the time that he spent in Jake’s classes. He is an individual who stands out amongst the rest. He is accessible and always makes time to speak with you regarding any questions you may have. I would highly recommend Jake Berman’s program. My son enjoyed his classes and always felt comfortable to ask questions.  He taught my son important strategies on how to prepare for the SAT exam and helped him to achieve the goals that he had set. Thank you Jake!!!

– Jenny F. (parent) Wantagh, NY

As the parent of highly successful children, what more could I add or ask for from our SAT tutor. Their improved scores speak volumes about Jake’s ability to help kids perfect their test taking abilities. Jake is a pleasure to deal with and I’m glad I have one more daughter who needs to go through the process.
– Charlotte K. (parent) Plainview, NY

As a student, I was very impressed with Jake. He possessed a strong sense of character and charisma which captivated me from the first few seconds of being in his classroom. Especially for me, Jake was able to make his lessons and teachings personal. Being a wrestler I have learned how hard works pays off, as well as how to discipline myself. Jake was able to make a numerous amount of analogies between wrestling and practicing for the SAT’s. His ability to find out a person’s strengths and make them applicable to the SAT’s is what I feel sets Jake apart from other tutors. He is able to make a personal connection with all of his students. If someone is to enroll in Jake’s class they are in for a rigorous work load to say the least. But as Jake has said, “The amount of work you put into something is equal to the results you will receive.” And for me the work was well worth it.
– Christian L. (student) Rockville Centre, NY

Jake Berman transformed the SAT prep process from agonizing and stressful to gratifying.

He isolated my individual weaknesses and tailored a successful strategy that conformed to my personal needs. This allowed me to break old habits and understand challenging concepts while gathering self-confidence not only in my test taking abilities, but also in myself. Jake’s knowledge, patience, and inspiration helped me to improve my score over 200 points from my PSAT.

– Lauren D. (student) Plainview, NY

After taking Jake Berman’s SAT prep class, my daughter Kasey improved both her reading and math scores by over a hundred points each.  Jake was not only professional, proficient and extremely knowledgeable, but he was also entertaining and humorous. As a math teacher myself, I know how challenging it is to excite students about taking a test (especially a 4 hr. long one); Jake does it effortlessly.
– Julia M. (parent) Bellmore, NY

When the SAT/ACT test taking process began, I was far from excited! I was dreading the preparation and entire process. However, attending Jake’s class each week made the preparation exciting and very worthwhile! Jake truly knows the tests inside and out, and was able to share best test taking strategies that were very valuable. I improved my SAT score by 200 points, and after attending Jake’s SAT/ACT preparation class, my score on the ACT completely exceeded my expectations.  I will always remember how Jake instilled a lot of confidence in me, which helped me excel substantially. I highly recommend enrolling with Jake!
– Maddie R. (student) Plainview, NY

Jake Berman is amazing…

I have worked as an Admissions Officer and a High School Guidance Counselor for over twenty years.  During that time, I invariably came into contact with a variety of different SAT/ACT test prep options. Always wanting to be in the know, I would often ask my students about their experiences with their particular tutors.  Without a doubt, it was the name Jake Berman I kept hearing over and over again.  Meticulous, passionate, serious, and goal-oriented were all adjectives used to describe this SAT “guru”.  It was not until I experienced Jake’s personality from a parent’s perspective that I truly understood the essence of Jake Berman.  Jake took the time to not only work with my son on minimizing his weaknesses and maximizing his strengths; he also took the time to get to know what the key elements were to unlocking my son’s success. With his mental preparation complemented by the academic, he transformed my traditionally poor test taker son into a confident student. From start to finish, my son’s PSAT’s scores increased over 500 points in total!  Results, connections with students, contact with parents, life skills, Jake Berman is amazing.  He is my hero, and my son’s too.

– Gerri L. (parent) Rockville Centre, NY

Before I took Jake’s SAT prep class, I was a terrible test taker. Through his class, I was able to learn how to effectively take standardized tests, and I significantly improved my scores. Without this class, I would have never felt as confident as I did going into the exams. Jake taught me so many useful test taking tips and definitely prepared me for the material covered on the SAT. Not only was I prepared, but the class was also fun. Jake made sure to teach the material in an engaging way that would help me to actually remember and apply it! He also made himself easily accessible and wanted to see his students do well, so whenever I had a question or concern he was always willing to help. Overall, this class was well worth it and I would highly recommend it to any student looking to do well on the SAT.
– Brittany H. (student) Merrick, NY

Jake was the driving force behind the significant improvement of my sat score.

The only thing that I had to bring to the table was to match his level of enthusiasm, which is catching anyway, and to actually do the assignments in the way he asked me to do them.  My mother’s money was very well spent. With Jake, I wasn’t learning the same topics I was in school, I was learning strategies and how to dissect sentences in a way I never even thought to do before. I honestly don’t believe that I could have been so successful with anyone else but Jake. His experience alone lent incredible insight and the fact that he can meet every student at their individual level just proves that he really is one of the best.

All I know is that I never dreaded SAT class; I actually looked forward to it, like I do for Sunday night True Blood.  I always studied my vocabulary list because I knew a quiz was coming and I’m too competitive not to. I’ve seen my scores go from a 1340 (out of 1600) to a 1500 (out of 1600) with a 790 on critical reading and a 710 on math with a 2200 total score out of 2400.  As much as these scores reflect myself, they reflect Jake too. I don’t want to sound like overkill, but I really was honestly sad when the class ended. I never had a teacher who could explain things the way Jake did in such an easy to understand way, or one who could pick out a confused look in the class and explain the material in a different way to clear it up. If you get Jake as a tutor, you really are lucky.
– Erin L. (student) Wantagh, NY

… amazing assets to have for college applications!

Jake’s program was a thorough and comprehensive review of the SAT that helped me to achieve scores that exceeded my own expectations, which are amazing assets to have for college applications! His lessons provided me with important information to know for in and out of the exam room and his encouragement kept me motivated throughout the trying testing season. Thanks Jake!

– Katie S. (student) Lynbrook, NY

Patient, consistent and experienced…

“When my son needed to prepare for the SAT, I wanted to find a teacher who was patient, consistent and experienced.  Jake fit that bill to the letter!  He is a wonderful teacher–enthusiastic and approachable.  My son felt so comfortable; he regularly picked Jake’s brain on SAT strategy both before and after their sessions.  Jake is also extremely reliable–he was always available to discuss my son’s progress and potential.  Jake’s expertise and his strategy guided my son to success.  From his PSAT score to the SAT score he submitted on his college applications, he improved by 500 points!  He was accepted into the university that was his first choice!”

– Lois S. (parent) Wantagh, NY

Helping me reach my full potential…

I had previously taken an SAT/ACT review class last summer that I felt was a total waste of my time and my parents’ money. The class did not cover any material that I could not have taught myself from a review book and review by myself at home. I was very reluctant to attend another SAT/ACT review class after my experience last summer. I finally agreed to attend Jake’s SAT/ACT review class. Jake’s class was extremely helpful preparing me for my SAT and ACT test.  His classes were very organized.  Jake was very knowledgeable of the intricacies of the tests and prepared me to ace the exams.  On my SAT exam I increased my math score 50 points, reading 80 points, and writing 80 points.  I improved my SAT score a total of 210 points.  My final scores were: Math 710, Reading 770 and Writing 750. I also improved my ACT Composite with a final score of 34. I am so glad I gave Jake’s class a chance. I can not thank Jake enough for helping me reach my full potential and achieve the scores I was hoping for.

– Michael C. (student) Massapequa, NY

Exceeded our expectations…

Jake came highly recommended to us and he lived up to and exceeded our expectations. My sons took his classes 3 years apart and looked forward to attending them. Their SAT scores went up 200 to 300 hundreds of points. Both were accepted to every school they applied to. Matt is in his Junior year at Stony Brook University (he was also accepted to Hofstra and Adelphi) and Brandon was accepted early decision to Quinnipiac University’s 6-year Physician’s Assistant Masters Program (as well as being accepted to Stony Brook, Hofstra and Binghamton).

Robert L. (parent) Bellmore, NY

If anyone understands the SAT, it’s Jake. He is able to connect with his students through his vast knowledge and understanding of the test. He not only teaches students how to take the test, but he also offers personal advice specific to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. As a result of attending classes with Jake, my score rose 310 points from my PSAT to my SAT.
Meaghan O. (student) Merrick, NY

My score improved by over 300 points…

When one thinks of the SATs, the first word that comes to mind is torture. As a former student of Jake’s, I think of excitement. With his interactive yet skillful approach to teaching, the material became relatable to any student. He keeps the material new and consistently finds way to relay the information in a modern and quite comical way. When I finally sat down to take the test, I felt confident in my ability to perform well given the tools Jake provided. In the end, my score improved by over 300 points from my PSAT thanks to Jake’s teaching abilities.

– Rachel D. (student) Plainview, NY

My husband and I are very happy that we arranged for Jake to help prepare our son, Scott, for the SAT.  Jake is a very enthusiastic and dynamic teacher.  He is very patient and has  the ability to approach problems and solutions in a multiple of ways until his student understands how to solve them.  Scott looked forward to his sessions with Jake and didn’t mind the take home practice work because he was excited by the progress being made.  Jake was always quick to respond when we had a question or needed to make a change in the schedule.  He was very confident that he would be able to help Scott improve his scores and he passed that confidence on to Scott as Scott’s overall score increased by 230 points.  I highly recommend Jake’s preparation service.
– Janis C. (parent) Merrick, NY

Thank you Jake for a job well done!

Last summer we had invested over $600 dollars for a SAT/ACT class that we hoped would prepare our son for the SAT/ACT tests. The class turned out to be a waste of time and money for our son.  The class was run by teachers that teach this class over the summer to supplement their income. We could have purchased the review book and handed it to him and saved over $600 dollars.  We were extremely reluctant to invest in any other review classes.  After sharing my experience with a friend, she had recommended Jake’s class.  We finally decided to register our son for the class since this one seemed different from the past class.  The class is taught by Jake every week, not different teachers weekly who do not even know the student’s names. Jake takes the SAT/ACT tests year round when they are offered and uses his experience to help the students prepare for the test. We were so impressed how organized this class was.  We even called to speak with Jake to ask a few questions regarding our son, and we were so happy with the quick response and the honest feedback he provided us.  We would highly recommend this class to any student preparing for the SAT or ACT.  The proof was in his test scores.  He increased his total SAT score 210 points with a final score of 2230. He improved his ACT Composite to a final score of 34. We are so happy that we found Jake’s class and will be sending our daughter to his class when she starts preparing for her SAT and ACT.  Thank you Jake for a job well done!

– Marie C. (parent) Massapequa, NY

Perhaps the best choice we could have made for our son’s future

The choice of who to trust your child’s academic future to is a very difficult one.  Essentially that is what you’re doing when you choose a particular company or individual to prepare your child for the so important SAT and / or ACT exams.  The decision to entrust Jake Berman with that task was perhaps the best choice we could have made for our son’s future.  He prepared our son through classroom work, homework and mock tests.  His enthusiasm and knowledge of these exams is truly amazing.  I feel what really separates Jake from the rest is his ability to identify a child’s weakness and then develop a plan to change that weakness into a strength.  Jake assured us that he would be able to get our son’s SAT score into the 2000’s.  Which meant that he would have to improve on his PSAT by approximately 175 points.  Just as he promised our son scored a 2050 on his SAT and a 32 on his ACT.  Our son put the work in, but Jake was there to guide him through the process.  THANKS JAKE!!!!

– David M. (parent) Merrick, NY

Jake is an intelligent, dedicated and enthusiastic tutor.

He connected with my daughter from the first session.  He was able to accurately assess her abilities and provide her with the tools she needed to succeed.  I believe he is able to help each student reach their full potential.  My daughter increased 290 points from her PSAT to her 2nd SAT.  I have highly recommend his services to my family and friends.

– Maureen O. (parent) Merrick, NY

When I first registered for Jake SAT Prep, I was an inexperienced and perplexed student who dreaded having to prepare for standardized testing. After attending the classes, I can honestly say that not only were they insightful, but enjoyable. Jake is passionate about teaching, which made class a very fun experience; his enthusiasm regarding everything SAT and his belief that each of us would be successful made me just as eager as he was!  We never just sat and answered questions. Jake always made sure we were engaged by planning interactive lessons. For example, on one occasion, we formed groups and played a game with SAT questions. It was a simple, yet efficient way, to review test concepts.  Jake is also very responsive to his students. He will reply to emails rapidly and address any general or specific concerns you might have for the SAT (you can even stay after class to ask questions). He puts testing and scoring in perspective. In January, two months into class, I didn’t do as well on the SAT as I had hoped. But Jake had told us to expect this from a first exam. Instead of whining and feeling sorry for myself, I was determined to get a better score, and devoted more time to SAT practice. The results reflected my efforts: in March, I saw a 240 point increase on my exam.

Jake SAT Prep has given me a new level of SAT expertise and allowed me to consider colleges that probably wouldn’t have accepted me without my improved SAT score. I would highly recommend Jake SAT Prep because it is a unique and enjoyable experience that is very beneficial to your future!

– Christine P. (student) Wantagh, NY

We considered Jake Berman our secret weapon.

A friend recommended Jake and told me to lock in time early because she knew he would be in demand.  We were thrilled with the results!  While participating in weekly sessions with Jake, my son’s practice SAT scores steadily improved, and he was coming home with a much higher degree of confidence in his SAT test taking abilities.  It also helped that my son connected well with Jake’s style. Jake is truly an expert, and he is passionate about helping students succeed.  When my son received the great news — excellent SAT scores that met or exceeded requirements for the top colleges —  he couldn’t wait to call Jake and tell him the good news. I knew then that Jake had made a real impact. Thank you Jake!!

– Denise M. (parent) Garden City, NY

Jake really knows his stuff and presents lots of cool tricks and techniques to taking the test.  He is very enthusiastic, entertaining, and knows the exam better than anyone!
Kasey M. (student) Bellmore, NY

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