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How often should your child take the SAT?

When should she begin prepping for the SAT?

What about the ACT?

As your child starts working toward becoming the best possible college candidate, you will find yourself confronted with confusing and sometimes outright misleading information.

What you need in these early stages is clarity.

The Five SAT Myths Busted Guidebook addresses the five most common myths and misunderstandings about the SAT. In this guide, you’ll find:

  • The right answers you need, clearly and concisely explained
  • Why not to send your child’s SAT scores to 4 colleges for free
  • What is the ideal amount of times to take the SAT – and why
  • Should the focus be on just the SAT or just the ACT

Download the free Jake SAT Prep Guidebook and take the next step toward getting your child the best possible help on this important journey.

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