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Oceanside NY SAT Classes

Oceanside local SAT classes

Each cycle of SAT preparation classes prepares students for a specific SAT exam date, but students can take these skills with them as they prepare for future SATs as well. Register now to secure your seat before classes fill up!
Location: 111 North Oceanside Road, Rockville Centre, NY 11570
Cost: $899 for 3-month class and $699 for 2-month class

Oceanside High School is 1.8 miles from our Rockville Centre location and 9.3 miles from our Wantagh location.

jake-headshotJake Berman has been preparing students on Long Island for the ACT and SAT for over 10 years. He has recently opened SAT classes next door to Oceanside in Rockville Centre at the Recreation Center.

Why Jake SAT Prep?

Many of Jake’s students come to him with stories of bad experiences with other tutors or programs. They went through the training, thought they were well prepared, and then encountered some unforeseen disaster on test day. They didn’t know why, but after taking Jake’s program, they are able to see the difference: More than just cramming different techniques and strategies into his students’ brains, Jake offers big-picture training that connects everything to test day. His students know what to do if they hit a really challenging math problem earlier than they expected. They know how to attack a reading comprehension passage in the most efficient way. Jake’s programs don’t just give students a script for what a test day should look like; they equip students for the realities of that stressful day, including how to handle the inevitable hiccups that derail less well prepared students.

Is it weird that Jake actually likes the SAT?

Probably. But would you really want to learn from someone who doesn’t? Of course, almost none of his students will ever enjoy this exam the way he does, but his goal isn’t to make them love it. He just wants them to know it, inside and out. His students definitely appreciate learning from someone whose experience of over a decade of full-time SAT preparation is matched by a passion for what he is teaching. In anonymous program evaluations, Jake’s students frequently indicate that (unlike their friends, who dreaded attending the other classes they’d signed up for) they actually enjoyed and looked forward to class! Positive energy, excitement, and an openness to learning are the hallmarks of Jake’s classrooms.

Ok, but is Jake’s class really that different?

How helpful is it to have someone stand in the front of the room and explain what the correct answers are? While some students can learn a bit from a teacher explaining the correct answer, all students are better served by something else. True test day preparedness preparedness involves learning how you could have arrived at the correct answer without the knowledge the question is testing. Could you have eliminated enough incorrect choices? Could you have come up with another solution? Would it have even been appropriate for you to spend your precious time on this one? These are the questions that Jake’s students learn to answer for themselves, and the importance of this higher level of processing cannot be overstated. Many questions on the SAT are intentionally designed to be intimidating, and it becomes a real game changer when students realize they have enough tools at their disposal to reason through what once seemed impossible.

Don’t miss out on upcoming classes!

The next cycle of SAT and ACT preparation classes begin soon. Don’t miss out on your seat – there are always parents who see that there is availability and decide to register “later.” Sure enough, when attempting to register even a week later, they sometimes find that the days and times they were considering have closed out! The $250 deposit is refundable up until the balance due date. Reserve your seat right away!

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