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There is plenty of debate as to whether or not the SAT exam ought to be this important, but one thing is certain: As of now, the SAT is very important in the college admissions process! It is also one of the parts of the admissions process where a little effort can dramatically improve your application.


Many students who take the SAT should also take the ACT.  After learning the reasoning skills that are crucial to both exams, some students perform comparatively higher on one of the two exams.  Because reporting your ACT scores is optional, students essentially have everything to gain and nothing to lose from attempting this exam.

“As the parent of highly successful children, what more could I add or ask for from our SAT teacher. Their improved scores speak volumes about Jake’s ability to help kids perfect their test taking abilities. Jake is a pleasure to deal with and I’m glad I have one more daughter who needs to go through the process.”

– Charlotte K. (parent), Plainview, NY

“Jake SAT Prep transformed the SAT prep process from agonizing and stressful to gratifying. He isolated my individual weaknesses and tailored a successful strategy that conformed to my personal needs. This allowed me to break old habits and understand challenging concepts while gathering self-confidence not only in my test taking abilities, but also in myself. Jake’s knowledge, patience, and inspiration helped me to improve my score over 200 points from my PSAT.”

– Lauren D. (student), Plainview, NY

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