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Long Island ACT SAT PrepWhen it comes to college admissions, everyone is looking for the best possible advice. In doing so, we often try to alter ourselves to fit a perceived mold of what colleges are looking for. Even if you are able to become an “ideal” candidate, what would be the point if your new persona (and your new college) wasn’t really a best fit for your aptitudes and interests? In learning from what deans of admissions departments (at top schools like UNC Chapel Hill, Penn State, MIT, Vanderbilt University, and others) tell their own kids, you can perhaps reground yourself and realize that by showing who you really are is the best way to find your best-fit college.

The advice of these experts also touches upon:
-when to send your applications
-how parents can motivate students to send applications early
-how to decide which extracurriculars are worthwhile
-how to use spreadsheets to maximize the benefits of college visits
-and more

Read the full article by the New York Times here.

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