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What could possibly be the relationship between the SAT and Thanksgiving?  Is there even any relationship at all?

Not really.

I suppose if you just received your November SAT scores 2 days earlier, you might have some interesting topics of conversation with relatives. Maybe you’re taking the December SAT in 9 days. Since Thanksgiving is in the middle of the November and December SAT exams, there may be some SAT vocabulary flash cards laying around.

In fact, most times of the year, we’re not too far from the most recent or the next SAT exam. This is because the SAT is actually offered 7 times a year. This often leads to the question “when is the best time to take the SAT?” While an important question, I will discuss that in another post.

In the meantime, back to Thanksgiving. Like most national holidays, most of us don’t focus much on the origins of the holiday and what it actually means. How many people know when the first Thanksgiving was held? (1621) How many of us know that the holiday used to be celebrated at different times by different states? Or when it was established that it would be celebrated on the same day in all states? (in 1863 in a proclamation by Abraham Lincoln)

It’s probably not important that we know so much detail about our holidays. And it’s probably not critical that we have many conversations about the first Thanksgiving between the Native Americans and the Pilgrim settlers. What is most important about this holiday, like many others, is that we all spend time with family and friends. More than that, we also hit the “pause button” on our lives for a couple of days. No school, no papers, no work. Thanksgiving is one of those much needed breaks from the status quo.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving “pause” with family and friends.